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German Angoras in Grants Pass

Bungalow Farm’s Brunhilde (Reg. 2079 g./yr.)  is newly registered!  We all had a great weekend at the IAGARB registration  at Margie’s in Grants Pass.  We had lots fun and laughs. While Brunhilde registered with the highest overall wool production of … Continue reading

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More Babies

Believe it or not, there are six babies in here!  They are just about two weeks old now.  I haven’t seem much of them–it’s been so cold, they have been buried in the nest.  And Mother Shasta is not too … Continue reading

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Black German Bunny Update

Here they are at two and a half weeks.  Already they have been out of the nestbox, scouting around.  Seven of the eight have survived, one albino died the first week.   A good number and they are all well fed … Continue reading

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Just In From the Mill

This luscious Pesto Green is 50% German Angora and 50% Polwarth.  Yummy to spin!  It will be available at Lambtown in the Fiber Confections booth. Also new is the Trumpetvine Roving.  Same Angora/Merino blend and equally as luscious. Both rovings … Continue reading

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Here are Ole and Korbl, two young bucks from Ouija’s litter.  They looked so cute, I had to snap their photo.  Korbl is pure black as his mom is.  Both are purebred Germans.  Mom is from black German stock and … Continue reading

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Summer Litter

I lucked out with this litter.  The last three weeks have been 10 degrees below normal.  Perfect weather.  This litter was born yesterday to my purebred German Black doe Ouija.  She had 10!  One was born a half a day … Continue reading

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Oujia is my first home bred purebred German Black.  No spots.  Pure black.  She is about 4 mos. old here–I sheared her to the skin today in light the weather warming up significantly this weekend.  Her last shearing was about … Continue reading

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