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Klaudia is a Cover Girl!

Bungalow Farm's Klaudia

Bungalow Farm’s Klaudia has made her publishing debut. Klaudia is such a ham here…she had so much fun that day performing for the camera.  Here she is on the cover of the the Summer 2011 issue of Wild Fibers magazine. Wild Fibers is great issue featuring a story on angoras in China.  As usual, Wild Fibers presents interesting articles from places to which most of us only dream of traveling.  Klaudia is IAGARB registered with 98 points and 1942 g./an.  She has had two gorgeous litters since then for which I have hopes!

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German Angoras in Grants Pass

Bungalow Farm’s Brunhilde (Reg. 2079 g./yr.)  is newly registered!  We all had a great weekend at the IAGARB registration  at Margie’s in Grants Pass.  We had lots fun and laughs.

While Brunhilde registered with the highest overall wool production of the day, Bungalow Farm’s Odessa, a black German doe owned by Katie, came away with the highest registered wool production (ever) for a colored angora!  Katie’s Odessa had an annual wool production of 2004 g.!

Bungalow Farm's Odessa Reg. 2004 g./yr. © 2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Garden Rose ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Just a parting nod to a lovely Spring here at Bungalow Farm.

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Spring Dogwood "Cherokee Chief"

Finally! I really hate to say that, because I love winter. And Spring, but spring can be short here (especially when it’s late) and burst right into Summer. And we all know what that means. HEAT. It’s a four letter word in the Rabbit World.  Lucky for me, Spring was still around when I returned from Ontario, Canada.  Where Spring wasn’t.  There was some green grass here and there, but snow was still on the ground and it was plenty chilly.

View of Fairchild Creek

From Ontario, we drove to Portland, Maine for the IAGARB Annual General Meeting.  What a blast!  We had such a great time.   There was a great speaker– a vet with the University of  Maine Cooperative Extension who spoke on Bio Security.

Also, the meeting featured a felted beret class with Leslie Samson, lunches, dinners (of course, lots of great food!), registration testing and the meeting itself.  Leslie also did a presentation on the History of the Rabbit which was fascinating!

Sue and Chris felting berets

Rosalie Shearing for Registration

Visiting Daphne at her fabulous Victorian in Newton, Mass.

Once home, I hit the ground running.  As it warms up and the spring flowers fade, it’s time to jump in to all the barn chores after a long wet winter.  For a bit of excitement upon my return, I did a photo shoot with Klaudia for a magazine!  Stayed tuned for the particulars on that.

Bungalow Farm's Klaudia Reg. 1940 g/an.

A parting shot of Spring in No. California:

Old Garden Iris

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Spinning Batts and Felted Hats

Morning Glory Angora/Polwarth Batt

The new spinning and felting batts are here!  Carded batts with a blend of fabulous German angora/Polwarth blend–just a dream to spin.  This one is the periwinkle ‘Morning Glory’ colorway with blues and purples.

Felted Hats

These felted hats were wet felted using angora/merino blend batts. They are very soft, very windproof and somewhat waterproof.  Did I mention warm?

Bungalow Farm Angora batts, rovings, yarns and hats will be on display and for sale at the upcoming Sacramento Weavers and Spinners Guild Open House this weekend: February 12 and 13, 2011.  There will be fiber arts galore along with demonstrations in weaving, spinning, fiber processing, basketry, kumihimo, navajo weaving and others.  There will also be a sales area with members displaying and selling their handspun, handwoven, handmade, and homegrown products.

Hope to see y’all there!

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New Patterns! Update: And Angora Socks!

©2010 Bungalow Farm Angora

The  Mont-Tremblant Neck Gaiter.  Fast and easy to knit, using just one skein of Bungalow Farm’s Angora Frost yarn.  Washable.  Makes a great holiday gift!

To order see below.

©2010 Bungalow Farm Angora

The Woolly Winter Gauntlets are also knit with the Bungalow Farm Angora Frost yarn.  One skein, quick and easy to knit.  Soft and luxurious, yet practical at the same time.

Bungalow Farms Angora Frost is a three ply, washable yarn that knits like a dream. It is 50% German Angora, 30% nylon and 20% superwash Merino Wool.  The yarn is made in the US and the angora is raised in North America on small farms.  Our yarn is spun to our specifications and offered directly to you.  These homegrown yarns will bloom as you knit.

$25 per skein.

Patterns are free with yarn purchase.  Holiday special, through December: FREE SHIPPING (within Continental US)! To order yarn and patterns, email me. Paypal Accepted.

©Bungalow Farm Angora

UPDATE: Just in from the Mill–luscious, luxurious, Angora Socks!  Makes a great Holiday gift or treat yourself!  These socks are the same blend as our Angora Frost yarn, so they are machine washable.  Available in both men’s and womens sizes.  Crew and 1/4 cuff (womens only on the 1/4 cuff).  $25/pr.


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The Amazing German Angora

Bungalow Farm's Boris

As the days get shorter and weather turns chillier, the German angoras here at Bungalow Farm get a little friskier.  The summer heat is gone and the angora wool coats are a bit longer.  The soft, dense wool will be ready for harvest in the next few weeks.  German angora rabbits are not only known for the quantity of wool they produce, but for quality as well.  Through decades (over 80 years) of selective breeding, the quantity of wool produced by many German angoras has surpassed their ancestors by hundreds of grams per 90 day shearing.  Yearly totals increased from mere ounces to over four pounds. The wool is silky, crimpy, yet strong and can be commercially processed without damage to the wool.  The soft wool is pure luxury to wear next to the skin, yet will not matt or felt with wear.  What more could you ask for?

As for Boris, he is due for a shearing soon.  Next week will be ideal as day time temps should warm up a bit.  A warm Berber bunny coat for nighttime and a lamp over the cage should keep him warm and toasty until his wool quickly grows back long enough to keep him warm without it.

Bungalow Farm's Klaus after shearing

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A Trip to Remember

Lake George, NY

Fall in the Northeast.  After helping Leslie in her booth at New York Sheep and Wool Fest in Rhinebeck, we headed north to Quebec.  Stopped along the way and took lots of photos.  The fall color was amazing.  We hit it at the right time.  Barely!



In Quebec we headed to the Laurentides, north of Montreal, to Maud and Diane’s farm.  They raise Fresian sheep and make fabulous cheese, milk and butter.  Diane Gonthier is also a felter and makes good use of the wool to that end.


Diane uses old maple syrup equipment for washing and dyeing her wool.  This one is heated using the firewood from the farm.  You might notice the water in the evaporator–it had a nice thick layer of ice on it.  It was -6 c. (about 20 deg. f.) that morning!  Diane uses large wire baskets that hang from a old manure conveyor system above the evaporator.  The baskets can be lifted to change the water during the washing and dyeing process.  I was so envious!

Pond on the Farm

Some of the Sheep on the Farm

Great Wheel in the Old House

Cave Door where the Cheese is Aged



From Quebec, we went to Leslie’s house in ‘tropical’ Ontario.  Back to more fall color and warmer temps!  We made another visit to the St. Jacobs Market where we bought ingredients for a marvelous duck dinner.

St. Jacobs Market

Potatoes at St. Jacobs

The Grand River from Paris, Ontario

The Parting Glass: Innis and Gunn Ale

Another great adventure with a dear friend at a beautiful time of year.

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Another Denizen of the Barn

A new resident

This spider is so big, it should be named.  This lovely arachnid seems to have found a good home in the barn.  She has made her web right next to the bug zapper!  Clearly, she has plenty of food.

My neighbor took this photo with his big fat digital camera that has all the bells and whistles.  If you noticed, this same spider was photographed by me in the previous blog post. Only I used my iPhone camera.  While I love my iPhone, there is no comparison between the two!

There has been quite a bit of discussion in my neighborhood and among friends regarding exactly what kind of spider this is.  Garden spider or orb weaver?  Apparently, there are hundreds of varieties of both and I was even told the orb weaver is a garden spider.  Or a garden spider is an orb weaver.  Once I find out for sure, I’ll report back.

Now it appears we have yet another unusual visitor to the barn.  Discovered this afternoon, this praying mantis has moved into Ms. Orb Weaver’s territory.  Ms. Orb Weaver is still with her web, but moved to higher grounds.  This could get interesting.

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The Dog Days of Summer

Morning Glory

Hard to believe this is late August in No. California.  The morning glories are still blooming, but we sure aren’t having our usual hot August days.  The bunnies are enjoying the respite!

Shasta enjoying a cool summer day

Rubicon, hangin'

Spider, hangin'

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