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Our New Angora Blizzard with Cormo Wool!

Our New Angora Blizzard with Cormo Wool!

Our Silver Blizzard made with Sue Reuser’s Cormo Wool was such a success, we decided to repeat the run with all white Cormo.  This time, Jane Killpack’s Cormo was used and it is every bit as nice!  This yarn, like all our Blizzard yarns is 85% German Angora combined this time with 15% Cormo Wool.  North American grown and North American processed.

The Cormo adds some bounce and a lively hand while really enhancing the softness of the angora.  This yarn is very special and we are pleased to offer it to you.  It is available In the Shop. 

New Blizzard with Cormo Wool drying on the racks

New Blizzard with Cormo Wool drying on the racks

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Signs of Spring

This isn’t yarn, batting, or fiber.  But it’s a sign of Spring.  Spring has been screaming at me for weeks and while it was here in Northern California, I was off in Ontario, Canada where it was still winter.  When I got home, all that was left of the early blooms was my indoor Phalaenopsis, which while impressive, astonishing easy to grow.

Before I left, I managed to snap some photos of a few other delights blooming at the farm:

DSC_0384 (copy 3) (copy)




A Lovely Dogwood



A Tree Peony

And last but not least, the true harbinger of spring, a wonder pure German litter of seven:

Opals bunnies.jpg

For Angora Yarns and Fiber, I can be found at the following events in May:

Spinning at the Winery in Livermore, May 25, 2013
CNCH 2013, Squaw Valley, Tailgate May 31, 2013

Hope to see you there!

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Winter Blues


Angora Blizzard "Baltic"

Angora Frost “Baltic”

Winter is really one of my favorite times of year. I love the shorter days and the cooler weather. The winter light with it’s benign brilliance.

A new color reflecting both the darkness and the brilliant light of winter.

Angora Blizzard "Baltic"

Angora Blizzard “Baltic”

Blue Glass, Niagra on the Lake, Ontario

Blue Glass, Niagra on the Lake, Ontario

A little inspiration.


And a little splash of color to wipe away the blues.  Perhaps something for Valentine’s Day?

Bungalow Farm Angora Frost "Ruby Slippers"

Bungalow Farm Angora Frost “Ruby Slippers”




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October Glory
©2012 emaclean

And nothing says Fall like a maple tree!  With that in mind, humans can only try:

German Angora/Superfine Merino Batting “Persimmon”

Persimmon Angora Frost Yarn

And Winter is not far behind…

View of Fairchild Creek

And nothing says Winter, like Silver Blizzard!


Silver Blizzard Angora/Cormo Blend Yarn


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Jane Having Fun in the Scribble Lace Workshop


Lambtown is October 6 and 7!  You can still sign up for workshops.  Leslie Samson will be teaching two fabulous workshops:  Scribble Lace Scarves and Botanical Felt.  If you haven’t taken a workshop with Leslie, here’s your chance!  A knowledgable and fun artist and fiber arts teacher, she is coming all the way from Ontario, Canada to teach.  Don’t miss a great opportunity.

Of course Bungalow Farm will be there as well with lots of new color ways of angora batting and yarns.  Scribble Lace kits will also be available.

We hope to see you all there!

Finished Scribble Lace Scarf by Leslie Samson
©2012 L.Samson


Flora by Leslie Samson ©2012 Leslie Samson


Closeup of Flora © 2012 Leslie Samson


Cattleya Orchid © 2012 Leslie Samson

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Scribble Lace Scarf now available as a kit ©2012 Bungalow Farm Angora

While we might not be updating this website as often, we have been busy here at Bungalow Farm.  The fantastic Scribble Lace Scarf, shown here by Leslie Samson, is now available as kit.  Easy to make yourself.  Gorgeous, elegant and can be made in just a few hours.  The kit includes the luxurious angora/merino blend pencil roving with silk for felting.  You can purchase the kit in the Shop.



Scribble Lace Scarf Felting Kit


Angora/jPolwarth Silk Blend–


Also new is our Angora/Polwarth/ Silk batting.  Easy to spin, soft and silky.  Also available in the Shop.





We were lucky to get our hands on some unbelievable Polwarth from Australia.  Top grade, the best of the best.  It’s been hand dyed and blended with our Prime German Angora and expertly carded into batting.  Two colors are available and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Available in the Shop.

Angora/Polwarth Blend: “Wild Mountain Thyme”

Angora/Polwarth Blend: “French Clay”

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Silver Blizzard is Here!

Bungalow Farm Silver Blizzard

The Silver Blizzard is now in stock!  This yarn was created for the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB).  This is a scrumptious blend of 85% BLACK German angora and 15% Cormo from Cormo Sheep and Wool Farm, Sue Reuser’s fabulous award winning Cormo flock here in Northern California.  Great care was taken to choose just the right black tone fleeces to match our black German angora.  It had to be a cool black so as not to appear brown or taupe when blended with our angora.  Sue had just the right fleeces and the yarn is stunning.

The yarn is wonderful to knit.  Soft and springy.  Great for almost anything.  Leave it silver gray or overdye it!  Either way, it’s gorgeous.

Each 2 oz. skein is about 220 yards.  To order, go to the In the Shop page.

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This is a brand new product that we are so excited about!  This Bungalow Farm angora pencil roving is 50% German angora and 50% Merino wool not only is great for spinning, knitting and possibly weaving, but makes fabulous felt!  Shown in the photo is a Scribble Lace Scarf made by Leslie Samson.  Easy to make and this scarf took only a couple of ounces of the pencil roving.  The result is soft and luxurious and and instant hit!  Each cake weighs about 5 oz. and is available from the Bungalow Farm Shop.

Hand Painted Angora Pencil Roving ©2012 Bungalow Farm Angora

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New Stuff!

Chunky Bunny Moss Beach

Bungalow Farm has new yarn!  Chunky Bunny is a luscious, cushy two ply heavy worsted/chunky yarn blend of 50% German Angora and 50% Merino wool.  The Merino is domestic, as is of course, the angora.  Spun by Zeilingers.  It just came in a few weeks ago, and since then I have been dyeing and knitting like crazy.  And designing a few new patterns as well.  The cowl, shown below is made with one skein of Chunky Bunny:

Chenilles Laineux Cowl

The Chenilles Laineaux (woolly caterpillars) is a fun, easy to memorize and quick knit. Roomy enough to pull up over your ears on a cold day.

Chunky Bunny is put up in 4 oz. skeins with approximately 265 yards per skein.  With a gauge of 3.5 to 4.5 stitches per inch (size 7 to 9 needles), it is quite a versatile yarn.

Another new product we have here is pin roving made with the same blend as Chunky Bunny:

Angora/Merino Pencil Roving


I haven’t had much time yet to work with this, but it will make a great addition to a felted project.  Either as structure or as embellishment.  The possibilities are endless!

Both new products will be available at the Lamb Festival in Dixon, October 1.  Look for my booth there!

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Late Summer Cleanup

Breezy and Bella

Breezy grazing

It’s fall cleanup time so I brought the girls in to help.  Breezy and Bella belong to my neighbor but were happy to come over and help out.  They love the worms and grubs under the cages.

This is serious business!

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