In the Shop

Please check out the specific pages from the drop down directory for your desired items.  Here are some samples of kits, yarns, battings and pencil rovings that are usually available:


2 Responses to In the Shop

  1. Joan says:

    Hi Erin-Went to my first shearing with Alexis today-I am sending her a photo of your bunnies as a thank you:) I want you to send lemons with my order for the wonderful fingerless gloves. LOL How do I find the shawl kit too? I have a french angora girl, she has her 5th birthday in April! I love your web site!

  2. emaclean says:

    Hi Joan, Alexis told me tonight what a great time everyone had today! I am happy to send lemons–I was thinking today it was time for more lemon curd. If you would like to order, email me, phone me (go to the contact page) or you can order directly off the website with paypal:

    Congrats on your French girl! Did Alexis tell you about her French that live forever? Hope to see you in Boise sometime!

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