Angora Socks

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Note: color and size availability vary.  Please contact me prior to placing your order to make sure we have it in stock. 


Angora Socks from the mill! Luscious, luxurious, Angora Socks!  Makes a great Holiday gift or better yet, treat yourself!  These socks are the same blend as our Angora Frost yarn, so they are machine washable.  What more could you want–luxuriously soft, warm, and washable.  Hand dyed colors available by special order.

Available in both men’s and womens sizes.  Crew and 1/4 cuff (womens only on the 1/4 cuff–please note that 1/4 cuff socks have a 4 inch cuff).  $30/pr.
3colshsmed (copy)

Short Cuff socks, available in Women’s Small-Medium only.  Please indicate color: Chartreuse, Magenta, or Natural.


Men’s regular cuff socks in Natural, Olive, or Navy.  Available in Large (10-12 shoe) or Extra Large (12+).

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  1. I have fallen in love with Angoras in the last couple of years. I have a total of ten currently. I keep trying to decide which variety I like best. I am fairly new to spinning and have not made a very usable angora yarn yet. The feel softness wise I like best is from the English mixes I have. They also seem to have the least amount of Guard hair, but they also mat very quickly. The ones of mine that I like best are my REW girls mother and daughters. They have extremely dense and soft fiber with very long length. They also have very nice loving natures. I just love the socks above. What mill do you use? I also love the angora/merino pencil roving and the scarf kit. I think I will be getting myself one soon. Do you make the roving yourself or do you send it to the same mill? My REW’s are French/German mixes the Mom is a decendent of a Samson rabbit according to my Pedigree.

    Just a beutiful site!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. ErinML says:

    Hi Cathleen,

    Zeilingers was the millused for the socks. They did a great job. The pencil roving is also processed by Zeilingers. It’s a German angora/domestic merino blend that is marvelous!

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