Breeding at Bungalow Farm is selective and intentional.  Our 100% German angoras are bred for temperament, wool production and body type conforming to the IAGARB standard.  Most of our stock is IAGARB registered which not only measures wool production but places a high emphasis on body type, wool type and wool density, evenness and quality.

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Bunnies stay here until they are at least three months old, and usually closer to four.  During that time they are clipped several times and the wool is weighed and noted.  Body type and wool type is also evaluated during that time.  Only the best are selected to stay on the Bungalow Farm breeding program.  Similarly, as we have taken great care and time to select the best, any that don’t measure up to our high standards are not sold as breeding stock.

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We have hot summers so most breeding takes place in the fall, winter and early spring months.  If you would like to learn more about available stock, please contact us for more specific information about what is available.  We offer a waiting list for interested buyers.

For more information contact us by email at: angora at bungalowfarm dot com


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  1. Elizabeth Vlassis says:

    I raise Merino sheep and spin their wonderful wool. Would love to also raise an angora bunny to enjoy raising and using it’s fabulous fiber to blend with the wool. Sounds like the perfect combination. Would you please send me information about what you have or will have available? I do not plan to show, only harvest the fiber and provide a loving, forever home for the bunny. Thanks, Elizabeth

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