The Amazing German Angora

Bungalow Farm's Boris

As the days get shorter and weather turns chillier, the German angoras here at Bungalow Farm get a little friskier.  The summer heat is gone and the angora wool coats are a bit longer.  The soft, dense wool will be ready for harvest in the next few weeks.  German angora rabbits are not only known for the quantity of wool they produce, but for quality as well.  Through decades (over 80 years) of selective breeding, the quantity of wool produced by many German angoras has surpassed their ancestors by hundreds of grams per 90 day shearing.  Yearly totals increased from mere ounces to over four pounds. The wool is silky, crimpy, yet strong and can be commercially processed without damage to the wool.  The soft wool is pure luxury to wear next to the skin, yet will not matt or felt with wear.  What more could you ask for?

As for Boris, he is due for a shearing soon.  Next week will be ideal as day time temps should warm up a bit.  A warm Berber bunny coat for nighttime and a lamp over the cage should keep him warm and toasty until his wool quickly grows back long enough to keep him warm without it.

Bungalow Farm's Klaus after shearing

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4 Responses to The Amazing German Angora

  1. Donna Glaess says:

    ahh – love that face

  2. emaclean says:

    He could be yours! hehehehehe!

  3. Kathy says:

    I can almost feel the softness… Have you harvested?

  4. emaclean says:

    I sure did Kathy! He was sheared a few weeks ago. Fabulous coat, especially for a young buck. Almost 350 grams of pure loveliness!

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