It's Summer When…

…the fuchsia Magellanica is blooming.  Although this hardy fuchsia seems to bloom almost year ’round, the are in full flower now.

…six-week old bunnies are sheared down.  It got pretty hot a week or so ago, and the bunnies were feeling the heat.  So off the wool came.  These are the same babies in the previous post and then were less than a week old!

…and new Angora projects are stalled on the needles.  Just too hot to really knit especially when a new design for the fabulous Angora Frost calls for some creativity!

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One Response to It's Summer When…

  1. Kathy says:

    It IS summer, indeed. Lovin’ those sheared bunnies and the fuchsia. And the way the knitting moves our imaginations into autumn…

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