Summer Jam

CanningAs angora breeding and litters wait for Fall and cooler weather, things heat up here in the kitchen.  It’s time to make jam!  A friend brought me some Olallieberries from her farm in Humboldt County.  She also brought a huge bag of Chandler strawberries, but those didn’t make it to the jam pot.  Yum!

blackollala1I made a couple of batches of jam here. I had some blackberries from a neighbor so I added those to the olallieberry mix.  I guess you can now call that boysenberry.  The second batch is pure olallieberry.


I love hearing that popping sound!!!

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One Response to Summer Jam

  1. Sylvia says:

    Looks wonderful! Annie [Tarbox] brought me some plum jam and apricot jam. She was just by this afternoon, talking about being flooded with tomatoes.

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