Summer Litter

ouija litter I lucked out with this litter.  The last three weeks have been 10 degrees below normal.  Perfect weather.  This litter was born yesterday to my purebred German Black doe Ouija.  She had 10!  One was born a half a day before the others and was dead.  The rest were born on the wire.  I was there, so I managed to save them.  Mom is only just six months old, so a bit confused by all of this I think!  She hasn’t eaten pellets in weeks, but has been eating hay and bits of veggies.  I had an idea by that alone it would be a large litter.  And by the fact that she was huge.

There are 5 rew and 4 “other”.  Not sure what color these are!  Some appear agouti-ish (light bellies), others solid.  The color appears to be the same on all– a very light gray or blue.  I was hoping for black, but they don’t look black to me.  Any ideas?

o baby 3o baby 4

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0 Responses to Summer Litter

  1. Sylvia says:

    Since it’s such a big litter, do you need to supplement with higher protein feed? Mine always needed a bit of dry cat food with big litters.

    No idea on the colors, but they’re cute!

  2. emaclean says:

    Not usually. However, I do have some King Feed Doe Builder I’ll sprinkle on her pellets. It’s really high protein and too much of it could be disastrous. Given her pregnancy anorexia and large litter, I’ll tread lightly. I am glad she is back to eating pellets again!

  3. Sylvia says:

    I had some big meat rabbits who regularly had 14 kits per litter and they’d eat the kits if I didn’t supplement with dry cat food…

  4. Arianne says:

    Who is the sire of this litter?

  5. emaclean says:

    The sire is Bungalow Farm’s Snowmass. Both parents are 100% 2006 import lines.