Klaudia is a Cover Girl!

Bungalow Farm's Klaudia

Bungalow Farm’s Klaudia has made her publishing debut. Klaudia is such a ham here…she had so much fun that day performing for the camera.  Here she is on the cover of the the Summer 2011 issue of Wild Fibers magazine. Wild Fibers is great issue featuring a story on angoras in China.  As usual, Wild Fibers presents interesting articles from places to which most of us only dream of traveling.  Klaudia is IAGARB registered with 98 points and 1942 g./an.  She has had two gorgeous litters since then for which I have hopes!

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2 Responses to Klaudia is a Cover Girl!

  1. Terry Garratt says:

    Klaudia couldn’t be cuter if she tried. Having lived with my daughter when Angora’s were one of her 4-H projects I give you a big congrats for raising such lovely critters. I know well the work that goes into it!

  2. Kathy says:

    Klaudia is adorable! Please congratulate her on her success. She’s a magnficient cover girl (and I’m sure you must be, too, as her agent.)

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