The Box

The boxAt the IAGARB Annual General Meeting in Silverton, Oregon last month, Alexis gave a great talk on the Rabbit Medicine Chest. I realized my rabbit stuff; medicines, vet stuff, clippers, and what not is in various boxes and places.  My shearing stuff is very organized in one box, and the rest of the rabbit stuff is here and there in other boxes.  And I don’t necessarily have all the things I need at one given moment.  Like I could be out of Hydrogen Peroxide because some kid or husband used it for some other project.

So I bought a box.  A very special box to hold all my stuff.  And it’s off limits to the rest of the household.  This is actually a grooming box made primarily for people who show dogs.  It’s called a D-Flite.  It’s perfect and holds everything I need it to hold.

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