German Angoras in Grants Pass

Bungalow Farm’s Brunhilde (Reg. 2079 g./yr.)  is newly registered!  We all had a great weekend at the IAGARB registration  at Margie’s in Grants Pass.  We had lots fun and laughs.

While Brunhilde registered with the highest overall wool production of the day, Bungalow Farm’s Odessa, a black German doe owned by Katie, came away with the highest registered wool production (ever) for a colored angora!  Katie’s Odessa had an annual wool production of 2004 g.!

Bungalow Farm's Odessa Reg. 2004 g./yr. © 2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Garden Rose ©2011 Bungalow Farm Angora

Just a parting nod to a lovely Spring here at Bungalow Farm.

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3 Responses to German Angoras in Grants Pass

  1. Beautiful bunnies!phyllis

  2. Kathy says:

    I would like to pet one of those bunnies and walk around your farm. Nice pictures!

  3. emaclean says:

    You are welcome anytime Kathy! Although ‘walking around the farm’ wouldn’t take long. I live in the city. Smack dab. It’s closer to a funny farm here than any other kind!

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